Michele Medina works hard at getting limber. When she was told she should get a back warmer to help keep her hard work paying off, naturally she went to Amazon and bought the only one there was.  Of course it worked and provided her with exactly what she needed but she was torn, the people she knew that needed these were too cool for old school backwarmers.

What's in a name?

Haramaki is a Japanese word that translates as "Chest armour, or clothing that covers the stomach". Michi is a little nickname for creator and founder, Michele Medina.  hence Haramichi.

Michele began a practice of yoga 9 years ago and became a teacher of the yoga. Michele recognized her ability to be malleable and hyper-flexible as she advanced in the practice.

It wasn’t until Michele met Anna Venizelos and began a Stretching practice (not unlike yoga in the way of physical movement, but less focused on Spirit and driven more by a desire to immerse in her ability to move). Michele has mastered supreme stretching and loves to work with people to explore their capacity for deep movement.

Before yoga, Michele was in fashion design and after honing her stretching practice she harnessed her design focus to support what she loves. She has created Haramichi backwarmers, currently worn by the NYC community of dancers, yogis, stretchers and flexers.