corset backwarmer


corset backwarmer


look cool, stay hot.

these backwarmers are functional - they do what they imply.  you warm up, they keep you hot.  backwarmers were designed to retain heat while you train/dance/practice & flex so that you don’t injure your back.

but they're more than functional.  they raise the barre. you can dress these backwarmers  up, or down. they work by themselves as a crop top or as another layer to your already amazing style.

If you’re like everyone else and you’re dying for the metallic backwarmer, you should know that the material will flake a bit, because what’s cooler than the worn out look of an old school leather bomber jacket? It’s designed that way on purpose & it’s called Patina. 

(not surprisingly, Patina rhymes with Medina – which is the designer’s last name. not a coincidence.)


SPECIFICALLY FOR WOMEN: the backwarmer is shaped purposefully like a trapezoid.  It is narrow on top for the waist & wider at the bottom to hug your lovin’ hips.  

*suggestion: put them on like a skirt ladies, that way you can shimmy shake as needed to pull them on.

fabric: metallic and lined with fleece

care: backwarmers can be washed inside out and lay flat to dry.

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size chart

measure around the waist

xs  size 0-2     width 26" length 11"

s  size 4     width 27" length 11"

m  size 6     width 28" length 11"

l  size 8     width 29" length 11"

xl  size 10-12     width 30" length 11"