look cool stay cool back warmer


look cool stay cool back warmer


look cool, stay cool.

these backwarmers are functional - they do what they imply.  you warm up, they keep you hot.  backwarmers were designed to retain heat while you train/dance/practice & flex so that you don’t injure your back.

but they're more than functional.  they raise the barre. you can dress these backwarmers  up, or down. they work by themselves as a crop top or as another layer to your already amazing style.

SPECIFICALLY FOR WOMEN: the backwarmer is shaped purposefully like a trapezoid.  It is narrow on top for the waist & wider at the bottom to hug your lovin’ hips.  

*suggestion: put them on like a skirt ladies, that way you can shimmy shake as needed to pull them on.

fabric: mesh spandex and lined with spandex

care: backwarmers can be washed inside out and lay flat to dry.

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